Use This iPhone Roommate App to Make Life a Breeze

Use This iPhone Roommate App to Make Life a Breeze

Better manage life with a roommate by downloading the Zenrow app.

While life at Lincoln at the Parks is great, there are times when you are going to need, or desire to have, a roommate. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to have a roommate if you want one? Of course with that bliss comes the chore of having to pay bills and maintain the house with another person. This is why roommate iPhone apps are pretty ingenious.

One of the best of these clever iPhone apps is the Zenrow Roommate App!

If you are the principal bill payer, then your roommate can pay you through the security of PayPal with just a simple click. If the bill paying falls to your roommate, then you can do the same for them. Whoever gets the money is emailed when the deed is done and you can both get on with your lives. It’s simple!

Even greater is that, these apps have features to keep track of chores like who is going to clean or buy groceries. Being able to track chores and expenses from week-to-week and month-to-month also gives you proof that you have held up your end of the deal!

Use this Zenrow iPhone Roommate App to make life with a roommate a breeze!

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